Earn Credit for what
you already know with
QuickPath PLA

What are the advantages of using

Quick Path?

Through our QuickPath PLA program, credit can be awarded for knowledge you’ve gained by living your life... whether it be by working, participating in employer sponsored training programs, military service, independent study, community service, volunteering or even participating in hobbies. Earn credit for what you already know with QuickPath PLA.

How it Works


Getting started is easy!  Create an account, select your target institution, build a profile, search for courses related to your prior learning and submit a request to speak with an advisor.


An advisor will guide you and recommend what course will provide the best match to your prior learning experiences.


Once you identify a course, you will be asked to build an online portfolio that will be evaluated by a qualified assessor at your college.

Participating Colleges

Participating Colleges

These colleges offer prior learning assessments for college credit to help you earn your degree. Find one that fits you.