About QuickPath

College Credit for Work or Life Experience

The QuickPath PLA Program is dedicated to assisting students in obtaining college credit at one of the participating California Community Colleges based on prior work or life experience.

The key is being able to prove that your learning is at the college level and can be applied toward the degree or credential you are seeking.

You will be able to select your target or currently enrolled institution, explore courses you feel are relevant to your prior learning, talk one-on-one with an advisor about your options, as well as create an e-portfolio which enables you to detail, document, and compile your prior learning for evaluation of credit.

Check out How it Works to learn more.

The QuickPath PLA Program also offers you information on other options for prior learning that can save you time and money toward your educational goals.

The QuickPath PLA Program is funded by the California Department of Finance in order to help meet the educational requirements of the future workforce.

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To meet the nations need for talent by 2025, it is estimated that 60% of Americans will need a certification, credential, or postsecondary degree. 

- Lumina Foundation. (May 2017).  A stronger nation:  Learning beyond high school builds American talent (Reaching the 2025 Goal)